USJLP Conferences

Annual conferences are the heart of the US-Japan Leadership Program. It is here that young leaders from each country come together to engage in stimulating discussions on critical questions of the day, develop unique opportunities for collaboration, and form bonds of life-long friendships.

USJLP typically accepts applicants on an annual basis to serve as Delegates to the next two upcoming conferences. Conferences are held for one full week each summer, alternating between Japan and the United States. During their week together Delegates participate daily in plenary discussions on a wide range of topics relevant to both countries and the world, and are also exposed to a variety of experiential learning opportunities. Delegates are expected to be fully engaged in activities from early morning to late evening. Additional details about participation in USJLP conferences are outlined in our conference guidelines for Delegates

Delegates to the 2022-2023 Conferences

Important update: Due to COVID-19, the USJLP Seattle 2020 Conference has been rescheduled to July 23-30, 2022. As of February 2021, the Program has a full roster for the Seattle 2022 Conference and does not expect to hold an application cycle in the fall of 2021. The Class of 2022 is expected to be officially announced in early 2022. Kindly note that plans for the Program’s 2022 recruiting and operations are contingent upon a number of factors tied to further and ongoing developments related to COVID-19. Related changes and updates will be reflected on this website as they are incurred.

American and Japanese Delegates selected to attend Seattle 2022 (scheduled for July 23-30, 2022) as their first conference are between the ages of 28 and 42, and have demonstrated leadership and achievement in their respective fields. Due consideration was given to men and women from a broad spectrum of careers. These Delegates are expected to continue on and attend their second conference, tentatively scheduled to be held in Japan in 2023 (dates TBA, but will likely be in the latter-half of July 2023). Delegates who must defer their second year in 2023 will be given due consideration for participation in a future (i.e. 2025 or later) Japan conference, space permitting.

Newly selected Delegates to the Seattle 2022 conference will join second year Delegates who have successfully participated in a Japan conference. Additional details about participation in USJLP conferences are outlined in the conference guidelines for Delegates.

Please note that the last USJLP application cycle closed on December 9, 2019. As of February 2021, the next expected application cycle for candidates to the 2023-2024 Conferences will commence in early fall, 2022. Interested persons are encouraged to sign up for USJLP email announcements to be among the first to be notified about the start of the 2023-2024 application cycle and for other pertinent announcements.

Upcoming Conference: Seattle 2022

The Program's 21st Annual Conference is scheduled to be held in Seattle over July 23-30, 2022.

Past USJLP Conferences

Upcoming Conference: Japan 2023

The Program's 22nd Annual Conference is tentatively scheduled to be held in Japan in the summer of 2023 (dates TBA).